Logo de Paseo app, plataforma de tours guiados por voz con audioguías y rutas para explorar en cada viaje

Explore cities with audio guided walking tours

Discover the secret stories and trending spots of your visits.

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Explore cities at your own pace

Find out the audiotours that fit better with your trip. You decide the time, the duration, and the best route

Audioguía de Paseo app, primer paso al abrir la aplicación para hacer un tour guiado a través del móvil, self-service. Descubre las ciudades para visitar y descubrir
Audioguía, segundo paso del tour guiado a través del móvil, self-service con Paseo app


Discover the paseo

Preview the tour for free by listening the introduction and the details of the audiotour


Let us guide you in your trips

Live cities like a local. Maps, routes and directions at hand

Mapa de la audioguía de cada tour guiado en Paseo App, paradas del tour guiado a través del móvil, self-service
Audioguía, Paso 4 del tour guiado a través del móvil, self-service con Paseo app


Listen, learn & enjoy

Listen the stories, observe your surroundings, learn the secrets behind every corner and have a lot of fun!

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The right way of travelling

Discover why paseo will change your way of exploring cities

100% Flexible

Discover cities at your own pace and take breaks or stopovers where you wish

Affordable Prices

Explore the city for less than 5 euros, because travelling shouldn’t be expensive

Avoiding Crowds

Enjoy discovering cities with all the benefits of a private tour in your hands, it’s up to you!

Get more of your travel

Explore famous landmarks, hidden gems, and cultural attractions, all while learning about their history, significance, and fun facts.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or a group of friends on an adventure, our app will help you get the most out of your travels by providing a unique and engaging tour experience.

destinos dentro de la aplicación plataforma Paseo
Creadores, Guías, Historiadores, Arte, y Storytellers en Paseo

Do you have a story to tell?

Become a creator, tell your stories, guide people in your city and monetize your local know-how.

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Descripción de los pasos para usar Paseo app, plataforma de audioguías creadas por guías locales a través del móvil, self-service para visitar una ciudad.
Audioguía, tour guiado a través del móvil, self-service para visitar una ciudad.